Apr 20th_Skagit Tulip Festival

Date:April, 6,2019     Every April is the tulip festival in Washington, usually, the gardens open just 1 month (April) for people to visit. We went there before 9:00am, still a few ppl there, but much less than the noon.   Photographer:@siqichenphotography MakeUp Artist:@christykmakeuphair Location: Roozengaarde, Mount Vernon, WA ALL photos were taken on the designedContinue reading “Apr 20th_Skagit Tulip Festival”


Jan.2 2016_CJ_Chinese Traditional Wedding

Nanchang  | Jiangxi  | China      Jun is my high school classmate,  he asked me to record his  Chinese traditional wedding three years ago. I hadn’t attended this type of Chinese traditional wedding before, because of this chance, I decided to have my own Chinese traditional wedding last year. The place he lived weContinue reading “Jan.2 2016_CJ_Chinese Traditional Wedding”

Oct.15 2018_JW&YS_Pre Wedding

——————————————————————-ONE————————————————————— JUANITA BAY PARK | KIRKLAND                             ——————————————————————-TWO————————————————————– GAS WORK PARK | SEATTLE ——————————————————————-END—————————————————————                                                   .