Native Land

I have stayed in four locations when I grew up. The first one was with my grandparents-in-law and my mother’s sisters in a military base in Nanchang, before 5-year-old. The second is with my parents also in a military base in Fujian, before 12-year-old. Then after my father was transferred to civilian work, we movedContinue reading “Native Land”


This poetry group starts at a poetry class of the Seattle Public Library, they have printed the first book”Learning to Love America”. They are the people who love poem, after the class finished, they decided to continue on their own, everyone host a special topic session weekly(except me). Finally, they have the second book—SAY ITContinue reading “SAY IT YOUR WAY”

Jan.2 2016_CJ_Chinese Traditional Wedding

Nanchang  | Jiangxi  | China      Jun is my high school classmate,  he asked me to record his  Chinese traditional wedding three years ago. I hadn’t attended this type of Chinese traditional wedding before, because of this chance, I decided to have my own Chinese traditional wedding last year. The place he lived weContinue reading “Jan.2 2016_CJ_Chinese Traditional Wedding”

NOV.11 2018_Alexa

WATERFALL GARDEN PARK & OCCIDENTAL SQUARE SEATTLE —————————————————————–ONE—————————————————————–           —————————————————————–TWO—————————————————————- —————————————————————–THREE————————————————————- —————————————————————–FOUR————————————————————— —————————————————————–FIVE—————————————————————-                             .

Oct.15 2018_JW&YS_Pre Wedding

——————————————————————-ONE————————————————————— JUANITA BAY PARK | KIRKLAND                             ——————————————————————-TWO————————————————————– GAS WORK PARK | SEATTLE ——————————————————————-END—————————————————————                                                   .