May 16-22, 2019 New York City

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Date: May 16- 22th , 2019

Location: New York City

     It’s my first time to visit NYC, it’s quite different than what I thought before. Yeah, it’s dirty and full of human everywhere, just made me feel like back to Shanghai or Beijing in China. But I love all the museums, events, and people dance in Central Park. It is Modern and lively, four days was too short.


China Town | New York20190519-IMGL6994

Subway | New York20190519-IMGL6993Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6992Gapstow Bridge | Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6990Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6981Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6977Bethesda Terrace | Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6976Bethesda Terrace | Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6859

Lydia | The Met | Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6821Central Park | New York20190519-IMGL6819  Central Park | New York20190518-IMGL6761New York Skyline Lookout | Brooklyn | New York City20190518-IMGL6747Flushing | New York20190517-IMGL6735TimeSquare | New York20190517-IMGL6732TimeSquare| New York20190517-IMGL6722Chelsea Market | New York 20190517-IMGL6701Staten Island Ferry| Statue of Liberty |  New York20190517-IMGL6686Subway | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6685Subway | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6684Subway | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6672Brooklyn Bridge | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6662

 | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6599MOMA | New York | 201920190516-IMGL6417New York | 201920190515-IMGL6407Subway | New York | 2019



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